Marine Industries Victoria

Marine Industries Victoria (formerly DVG Marine) Has Been Supplying Services To The Commercial Dive & Marine Industries For Over Thirty Years.


From basic underwater survey & selvage to maintaining and repowering super yachts, Marine Service Victoria has been a leader in quality and safety whilst delivering premium customer service.

Our capability to scale our operations to cater for the smallest single man job right up to dozens of workers working together on the delivery of multimillion-dollar projects makes our organisation perfect for your next project.

Marine Services Victoria prides ourselves on our safety practices and our abilities to engineer the safest, most effective work environments in even the most challenging conditions giving our clients the assurance that all projects can be performed to the world’s highest best practice systems.

When looking for a partner to ensure your next project or beloved vessel is managed properly then choose Marine Services Victoria.

Commercial Diving

Underwater Survey

Our team Has Years Of Experience In Conducting Surveys In All Kinds Of Underwater Environments And Surveying All Types Of structures And Environments.



Surveying is a specialised task that requires the right equipment, highly trained individuals and a management team to ensure that the survey exceeds client’s specifications and delivered in optimum timing.

Often, we encounter clients with specific needs that require us to draw from our years of commercial, recreational, technical diving and maritime engineering experiences to find a solution that best delivers the project objectives.

We often partner with other capable and experienced operators to extend our capabilities for even the largest projects.

Underwater Survey
Underwater Survey

Light Commercial

The Underwater Environment Makes Even The Simplest Of Tasks More Complicated.

Our team has had years of making straights forward above water tasks happen under the water in a safe and efficient manner.

From hull inspections, cleaning or anode changes through to the location repair of replacement of specialised installations, our team has the experience and tooling to tackle the smallest pool repair through to deep ocean complex repairs.

We have done many different types of light commercial work for clients from Golf Clubs to Government Science Institutions.

Having a team that can get the job done in an efficient manner means you can achieve your maintenance or upgrades in the best possible way and the most cost-effective way.

Heavy Commercial

When The Work Demands Get Serious Our Team Is Qualified & Experienced To Handle Even The Hardest Tasks And The Deepest Depths.

No matter if your project requires demolition of the largest of structures or high precision underwater fabrication and installation, Marine Services Victoria can handle your task.

Using the latest industry technologies and materials we specialise in finding our clients the right solution for the task and the desired life expectancy of the task. Our team is familiar with the use of all forms of underwater testing, cutting and welding applications and often. Custom builds solutions saving our clients time and money.

Having the ability to dive is only one part of the task, having a team to evaluate, engineer and facilitate the best method of achieving the project means our dive teams can be more effective whilst underwater and our results exceed client expectations.

Underwater Survey

Vessel Supply

                        Vessel Supply

Having The Right Vessel For The Job Is Key To The Success Of Any Project.

Many jobs require specialised craft to perform the role safely & efficiently. We have a long history of supplying commercial vessels for all sorts of applications.
If we don’t have the right vessel for your job, we either get it or build it. Our extensive background in the Maritime Industry backed by our inhouse engineers, fabricators and specialised maintenance teams means that we not only can supply the right equipment for the task but we can ensure that it is capable of operating 24 / 7 to ensure that there is no costly down time during a project.
Our range of craft ranges from work punts to large crew transfer vessels, jack up barges to specialised tugs.
Whatever your requirement we can supply or source the perfect vessel for your needs. 

Lady Jude’s
Jack Up Barges
Dumb Barges
JT Cat
JT Stebercraft

Loose Cannon

Vessel Maintenance

                    VESSEL MAINTENANCE

At Marine Industries Victoria We Can Organise Everything From Vessel Design, Build, And Modification, To Specialist Experienced Services Such As Under-Sea Exploration And Recovery, We Are One Of Australia’s Most Respected Maritime Vessel Operators.

Marine Industries Victoria supplies flexible and bang for buck maritime vessel operations, with a solid Australia wide footprint and an experienced mariner workforce that can conduct in all maritime conditions.
At Marine Industries Victoria provide extensive, responsive, and professional in-service support for maritime assets, providing second to none vessel operations, optimal production and desired sea days. We can competently provide and maintain vessel fleets, provide experienced and qualified crews, deliver assured planned maintenance, great engineering, and responsive maintenance.
At Marine Industries Victoria of Australia’s well-respected maritime service operators and marry people, assets, and systems to convey optimal vessel operations.
With solutions in all major maritime ports around the Australia, our mariners have sizable knowledge of their waterways and the skill to fulfil diverse clients’ needs in all offshore and inshore states.
At Marine Industries have a family network that increase a wide and large range of engineering and technical services across Asia Pacific, making sure a rapid response in diverse locations, from environmentally noteworthy areas to industrial ports and distant destinations.

Specialised Engineering



Marine Industries Victoria Specialist Marine Vessel Engineering Team Guarantee Excellent Results Every Time.

Marine Industries Victoria focus is to maximise the return on investment for our customers by not only administer high standard labour on time and on allocation, but administrating our 30 years of Specialist Marine Vessel engineering experience and fleet functioning to guarantee that the most important outcome - trustworthy - is realised on the water. Marine Industries Victoria commitment to excellences and service, we invariably innovate, and problem solve to deliver efficient, authentic solutions.
Marine Industries Victoria composes of highly qualified managers and supervisors, and specialist in-house tradespeople - all in the one location to transport an efficient and responsive service. At Marine Industries focus to build long term, trusted and collaborative business relationships with our customers, investing our knowledge and experience to extend solutions to both opportunities and obstacles.

Marine Training

                             Marine Training


At Marine Industries Victoria’s Philosophy To Enhance And Conduct MARINE TRAINING COURSES That Are Now, Up To Date And Enjoyable To All Who Want To Experience Offshore Under Power Or Sail, From Novice To Circumnavigator.

Enhance your learning from our commercially experienced marine instructors who have the hands on knowledge acquired from spending thirty years at sea.
At Marine Industries Victoria we are focused on your training needs. All courses are delivered by Experienced Mariners, Internationally Recognised Qualifications
 Who assist you in Participating in Life Changing Sailing Adventures? Training is Conducted Nationally.